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The Hamptons Condominium Association The Hamptons Condominium Association
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~ What's Hamptoning ~
Safety in the Hamptons – Drivers and Bicycle Riders!

Attention drivers and bicycle riders:  Cars and bicycles share the Hamptons streets.  Riders and Drivers have the same rights and responsibilities on the streets and need to be respectful of each other.  Drivers, for the safety of all residents, please follow the rules of the road including staying at or under our 15 mph speed limit throughout the Hamptons, coming to a complete stop at all stop signs and using turn signals.
Without sidewalks in the Hamptons, bicycle riders must use the streets.  Riders should be aware of both moving and parked cars.  Recently, there have been a couple of near misses between cars and children on bicycles; especially around corners and near parked cars.  Parents, it is important that you speak with your children about the rules of the road for bicycle riders and teach them to have fun and to ride safely on our the streets. 

For more information and safety tips for your kids check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website:  and see the attached tips sheet for kids.
Back to School . . .Safety First!
Dear Hamptons Residents: School is in session again and most Hamptons children ride the bus to school.  The bus stop for all school levels is at the Hamptons entrance by the gazebo.
Please watch out for children and their parents as well as parked cars in this area.  Please make sure you come to a complete stop at the intersection and do not drive around or past the school buses when they are on property.  And remember, pedestrians, especially children, have the right of way!


~ For Your Information ~
Fall Home Maintenance Checklist
Posted on Sep 9th, 2014

Winter’s cold weather may still seem far away, but it’s closer than we think. This is a great time to prepare for what’s to come. Here are some tips that will help keep your home in good shape throughout the fall and into winter.

Indoor Maintenance
  • Test smoke and fire alarms, replacing batteries and cleaning dust from the covers.
  • Check and/or replace your fire extinguishers.

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