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~ What's Hamptoning ~

Dear Hamptons Homeowners and Residents,
It is with mixed feelings that I inform the homeowners and residents of the Hamptons Condominium Association that I decided not to run for re-election to the Board this time around.
I have had the pleasure to serve our community for the last 14 years with genuine respect for our association, our homeowners and residents, the management company and my fellow board members past and present.
A few highlights of the last 14 years include:
Introduction of electronic debit option for payment of assessments
Introduction of an association website for more effective and timely communication with homeowners and residents
New roofs on all our buildings
Fully funded reserves
New driveway replacement
Street resurfacing
In addition, we have received acknowledgement from Reserve Advisors that we are the most financially stable and healthy association they have seen in years!
I have found that as a Board member and a leader it is critical that each of the Board members serve with a strong sense of service to our community and respect for our homeowners and fellow board members. There have been times where this has been a challenge.  I have, along with several of my fellow Board members had to make some very difficult and challenging decisions.  At the same time, I have always had the best interest of the community (and its homeowners) as a whole at heart.  It is important for each Board member to serve without hidden or personal agendas; putting the needs of the community ahead of and above any personal wishes or frustrations. 
Over the years, I have encouraged homeowners to run for the Board and to serve our community.  I have always supported the idea of fresh perspective and “new blood”.  At the same time, I have a deep respect for the experience and knowledge that comes from serving over time and knowing our history and our people.  Changes in the last year have been a challenge and I have decided to take a break and encourage others to get involved.
I am excited that Paul (Borchian) Lin has come forward and will be elected to the Board of Directors.  Paul has attended many meetings and can often be found walking around our neighborhood with his lovely wife, during the warmer weather.  I know that as Paul transitions to the Board, he will share his ideas, thoughts and talents.  I also believe that he will listen to the homeowners and the Board members to build understanding and perspective as he contributes to the running of our community.
It is my sincere hope that there are other collaborative, team-oriented members of the association who will be willing to step up and take on the challenge and reward of this volunteer position. 
I have served with more than 12 Board members and from each of them I learned something – 99% of it good! My deepest gratitude is extended to the past and current board members; especially those who served with me the longest, Suzanne Belinky, Karen Hunken, Dona Murphy, Tim Christie, and Wally Heistad.  I have learned much from you and truly appreciate your partnership.
With kind regards,
Cari Walquist

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