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Meeting Update
On Wednesday, January 11th, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hamptons Homeowners Association was held at the offices of Mariani Landscaping. Board members Dona Murphy, Karen Hunken, Paul Borchian Lin, and Alice Hutchinson; and Sarah McMaster of McMaster Drake property management were present.  10 homeowners representing 8 units were in attendance.
During homeowner Q & A, a discussion of the 2017 proposed budget and 2016 YTD budget resulted in one data correction and clarification of several large expenses which were actually reserve expenditures for 2016. A suggestion was made to perform curb painting for two posted fire lane no-parking zones(without hydrants) in spring 2017. This will help identify these additional areas where parking is prohibited.
An explanation of member terms and instructions for the upcoming board of directors election along with all election materials will be mailed soon.
At 7:30 p.m. the business meeting was called to order. Topics included updates for the completion of several spring projects; mailboxes, construction and landscaping for the front entry structures, Phase I pond renovations and Phase I irrigation improvements. Contracts for 2017 summer annuals for Hampton Boulevard, the design fee for the front entry structure and power washing were approved. The 2017 Budget was approved and adopted, retroactive to January 1st, 2017.
Dormant pruning will be taking place soon and information was made available to attendees. It’s also available on this website along with photos showing examples of pruning in progress and before/after results.  
This meeting update is provided as a summary only. Meeting minutes to be submitted by Karen Hunken, Board Secretary.
Thank you to all the homeowners who attended. See "Upcoming Events" for information on the next Board meeting - we welcome and encourage homeowners to attend.
Coming Soon - Dormant Pruning
Over the winter months Mariani staff will be performing dormant pruning services. One of our main objectives at this time of the season is the corrective pruning of shrubs throughout the site. While many varieties of shrubs throughout the community will be pruned, not every plant will be. This pruning practice removes dead, diseased, and large “woody” growth from shrubs; and returns the plant back to its natural state.
Blooms, leaves, and new stem growth are all parts of the annual cycle of shrub physiology.  By removing unwanted growth from shrubs during the “dormant season” the landscaping crews remove excess branches that take a plant’s energy to produce new growth and leaves.  The removal of this material allows the plant to create a new and healthy form that will flush heavy growth and a fresh, full appearance.  In the months ahead these plants will fill in and become heavy with leaves and new growth.  While the immediate changes created by this style of pruning can be dramatic, the long term benefits to our plants and community will be apparent for years to come.   
Please do not interfere with or disrupt the crews performing this contracted and board-approved service. As a reminder, any questions or requests for landscaping services should be directed to McMaster Drake and not the Mariani on-site crews.
Before and after photos as well as examples of pruning work in progress are available here.

For Your Information
What Does It Mean To Be On The Board?
Posted on Dec 12th, 2016
The annual election of Board members occurs at the annual Homeowners meeting. This year’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Ballots will be mailed to all homeowners soon.
When elected to serve on the Hamptons Board of Directors you make a two-year commitment to serve the best interests of the Hamptons Condominium Association.  Board members attend all board and homeowners meetings, are responsible in their research, decision making and management of association finances and the maintenance of the entire community. 
The current Board of Directors encourages homeowners to consider serving on the Board of Directors. It will give you unique insight and a better understanding and appreciation of decisions made to benefit our entire community.

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Board of Directors Business Meeting
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Board of Directors Business Meeting
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