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New Fence Project
Installation of the new fence begins Monday, October 5th (weather permitting), starting with the west side of our community (along Waukegan Road). Demolition and removal of the old fence will be followed by installation of the new fence in each section. After the west side is complete, the crew will move on to the south and then the north sections. The project is expected to last through the month of October.  
During construction, the crew will need access to the outside electrical supply and/or water supply of individual units around the perimeter of the community, similar to the use by power washing and repair crews for past projects. Please understand that the impact of this additional usage is minimal, and cooperate with the crew as they work through the areas affected by construction.
If you have questions or concerns about this project or the paving project, please contact McMaster Drake or a member of the board of directors. Do not disrupt the crews. They are doing the work for which the board has contracted on behalf of the association, and are not prepared to address individual homeowner concerns. 
Entry Paving Project:
School Bus Pick Up and Drop Off 

To all residents, and parents of school-age children: during front entry paving, it is extremely important that the school bus driver can pick up and drop off children safely.
Drivers, please use extra caution when the school bus is present. When the bus displays its stop sign, all vehicles must come to a complete stop and no passing is allowed.
Parents, please remind your children to stay out of/off of work areas and streets.
If you normally drive your child to the bus stop and stand/park to wait for him/her to be picked up or dropped off, consider an alternate during the project. Walk, or do not stand/park your vehicle on Hampton Boulevard. If choosing an alternate parking spot, please observe all community parking rules and park on the correct side of the street. You can view the parking map here. Also, please make sure to tell your neighbors and other parents about the project and the temporary limitations we'll be dealing with over the next two weeks. 
Entry Paving Project

The Hampton Boulevard entry paving project is expected to begin with curb and concrete repairs on September 24th-25th, followed by pavers and asphalt. The repairs and renovation of our entry area should be completed by October 9th. Work of all types will alternate between the eastbound and westbound sides of Hampton Boulevard to minimize inconvenience and keep traffic flowing in and out of our community as smoothly as possible. Only Hampton Boulevard west of Lauralton Street and Pembroke Circle (the paver portion of the street and immediately adjacent asphalt) is included in this project.

Alternating closures will require all traffic to use and share the open side of Hampton Boulevard for both eastbound/inbound and westbound/outbound travel. Please make sure to use extra caution, observe the speed limit (15 mph or less), obey all stop signs and closure markers, and plan for additional travel time during this project.

All of us exercising care and courtesy will ensure that this project goes well!  

For Your Information
Community Reminders
Posted on Sep 29th, 2015
Speed Limit: The speed limit throughout our community is 15mph. Every street.
Stop Signs: are not posted as suggestions. Stop means stop - every time. 

Coach Lights and Front Door Lights:
The days are getting shorter - fall is here! This is a great time to use your unit's coachlights and front entry door light. These lights contribute to the safety and security of our community. Help protect yourself, your family, your neighborhood and your neighbors! Inexpensive timers and sensors can be installed easily and are a cost-effective way to use these lights.

Parking: Remember that it is your responsibility as a resident (whether owner or renter) to ensure that guests/visitors, service workers, tradespeople, etc. for your unit are parked only in approved locations.  If you're unsure about the right places to park, see the parking map in "Community Info" (under Welcome) or "Documents" (under Members) on the home page. This map has been updated to highlight permitted parking areas. 

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Neighborhood Watch
October 12, 2015: Lights on for Safety
Law enforcement agencies in our area and across the country agree that well-lighted areas (residential as well as commercial) are less likely to be targeted by criminals. Lighting is one of the simplest and least expensive crime deterrents available to community residents. Especially during our fence construction project, turn your lights on for safety - coach lights, front door entry lights and patio lights - from dusk until dawn.
October 8, 2015: Fence Project Underway
Our perimeter fence construction project is well underway. Details and updates can be found here on our website,  through our management company, McMaster Drake at 262-249-1420, or through any Homeowners Association Board member. 
During the next four weeks, perhaps more depending on weather, different areas of the fence will be removed.  While we are not a gated community, this creates more access than usual to our property.
Please remain on a heightened alert for unusual cars, people and activity.  If you notice the most common issue - open garage doors - please notify the home owner.  Call 911 when you think there is something suspicious so the North Chicago police can respond.  Email the Neighborhood Watch if we can send a notice out to our members.
This notice was suggested by Neighborhood Watch Member Bill.
Additional information on today's alert:
Here is more information on today's alert.  This car has been seen on Templeton, Huntington and Pembroke. Each time, stopped on the non-parking side of the street.  Sometimes stopped facing in the wrong direction.  A new report by a Neighborhood Watch member today is that a car fitting this description has also been seen on Woodbury being driven by a male.  
North Chicago Police have advised that if anyone sees this or any suspicious vehicle or activity (a vehicle you do not recognize as part of the community) contact them at their non-emergency phone numbers: 847-596-8774 or 847-896-8776. 
Update: October 1, 2015
A suspicious dark sedan has been seen sitting on different streets in the Hamptons. It is perhaps a charcoal or grey Pontiac Grand Prix. A police report has been filed regarding suspicious following activity. You're encouraged to contact North Chicago police if you see a dark colored, unknown sedan stopped in the community.
At least one report of this car suspiciously following a visitor out of the community has been reported to police.  A Hamptons Neighborhood Watch member has also reported seeing a grey or charcoal Pontiac Grand Prix parked or stopped on different streets in the community over the past week to 10 days.

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