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Meeting: Update July 2016
On Wednesday, July 13th, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hamptons Homeowners Association was held at the offices of Mariani Landscaping. Board members Dona Murphy, Karen Hunken, Paul Borchian Lin, Linda Beck and Alice Hutchinson; and Sarah McMaster of McMaster Drake property management were present. 15 residents representing 12 units were also in attendance.
Alice Hutchinson’s appointment to the board was ratified. Alice replaces Rick Myers, a volunteer appointee who resigned. Other topics discussed were asphalt repair, front entry design, mail box replacement, and landscape and irrigation services and improvements.  Quotes are pending for fire lane marking (painting) in order to implement towing service for parking violations. The property tax increase was discussed. The board ratified a contract with Kovitz, Shifrin and Nesbit to perform an audit and group property tax assessment appeal for the entire community. 
The mail box designs and front entry designs under consideration will be posted on the website when they’re available, along with a homeowner survey/opinion poll.
A new member of the Mariani staff, Chris Detweiler, will be training with our representative Tom Crawford. You may see her accompanying Tom or the landscaping crew while they’re working in our community.
The business meeting concluded and the floor was opened to homeowner Q & A.  
This meeting update is provided as a summary only. Meeting minutes to be submitted by Karen Hunken, Board Secretary.
Thank you to all the homeowners who attended. See "Upcoming Events" for information on the next Board meeting - we welcome and encourage homeowners to attend.

For Your Information
Spring and Summer Safety Tips
Posted on May 13th, 2016
Summer is here!  We’re spending more of our time outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s also time to be alert and pay attention to rapidly changing weather conditions. Severe thunderstorms with lightning, heavy rain, hail, high winds and even tornadoes are possible during this time of the year.

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Board of Directors Business Meeting
Wednesday, November 9th
Board of Directors Business Meeting
7:00 pm
Mariani Landscaping Offices

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Neighborhood Watch
Update: Theft
About six weeks ago one of our neighbors had electronics stolen from their car.  A forgotten item and quick trip into the house allowed someone time to perpetrate this theft.  For your safety and the safety of your property be vigilant of leaving a car unlocked and/or running in your garage, driveway or on the street.  Luckily our neighbor did not have a confrontation with the thief which could have had more serious ramifications.  
The same advice holds true for keeping your home safe - open windows, unlocked sliding doors, open garage doors, etc. can also be an open invitation to thieves.  Remember to report any theft to the North Chicago Police and to the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator.  The North Chicago Police are not in regular communication with us nor do they maintain an accessible police blotter.
Board member Linda Beck has volunteered to be the Hamptons Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and has just received turnover documents from Michael Lind.  Linda hopes to meet all of our Neighborhood Watch Members in the near future once she gets familiar with other Board matters.  Please feel free to contact her at ljbeck65@sbcglobal.net.

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