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Front Entry Update
As we move forward with the reconstruction project of the front entrance structures (the brick pillars and the lattice) a couple of things are underway.
A request for building permit has been submitted to the City of North Chicago.  Once approval has been obtained, Mariani and the Board of Directors will work together to finalize the project schedule and will share it with homeowners as each phase of the project progresses.
To prepare the site for reconstruction, crews from Mariani and Nels Johnson are going to be removing some of the landscaping surrounding the structures.
Nels Johnson crews will be removing the Austrian pines from behind the structures on both sides of the entrance.  Unfortunately, the pine trees are too large and too overgrown to be used anywhere else within the Hamptons.
Mariani crews will be digging up the perennials (lilies and sedum) from in front of the structures.  The good news is that the lilies and sedum can be transplanted and may even benefit from being divided/split.  A few locations have been identified where trees have been removed or other plants have not done well.  Pink flags and pink spray paint have been used to designate the areas where the lilies and sedum will be planted.  We have more spaces where the lilies could be used than we have lilies.  Mariani will  plant in order of priority until they run out of lilies.
This work is expected to occur within the next couple of weeks as weather permits.
After the structure has been rebuilt, the area will be re-landscaped and new signs will go up.  The design for the signs is “back to the drawing board.”

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Spring Home Safety Checklist
Posted on Apr 20th, 2017

Although the thermometer may not have caught up quite yet, Spring has officially arrived!  Here are some suggestions to keep your home and family safe and secure this season.

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