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Driveways - Crack-fill
Our driveways will be crack-filled on Monday, October 17th.  As early as possible Monday morning, please have your car(s) off the driveway so work can proceed smoothly. You will need to have your car(s) in the garage, gone, or parked on the street  - all regular parking rules apply. One hour after the work is completed on your driveway,  you will be able to park and drive on it again.
We ask for your cooperation to keep disruption and inconvenience to a minimum for the entire community. The crew onsite is doing contracted work approved by the Board - do not request additional service, instruct or interrupt the crew as they complete this project. 
Direct any questions or concerns to McMaster Drake by phone or e-mail via the website (use Contact Us from the menu at left).  
Please also pass the word on for any of your neighbors that may not use the website or who haven't provided us with their e-mail addresses.   
Thank you!

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Neighborhood Watch
August 11, 2016: Neighborhood Watch Alert
Neighboring towns recently report that individuals misrepresenting themselves as landscapers are soliciting homeowners and asking the homeowners to accompany them to the backyard.  Meanwhile, someone else enters to burglarize the home.
Hamptons landscapers are instructed to call their management, McMaster Drake or a Board member to answer questions.  Unless you have an appointment scheduled with the landscape firm through McMaster Drake, do not be taken in by this ruse. Variations on this scam include thieves pretending to be service providers from various industries - roofers, tree trimmers, even utility company workers. No service providers should be soliciting the business of individual homeowners in our community. 
Likewise, do not engage with anyone coming to your door without a previous appointment; or who is not wearing an appropriate uniform and displaying official credentials/appropriate photo identification. 
***Community Resources are now listed in the Community Info section of the website.

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