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Ward Meeting
Hamptons homeowners are invited to attend a ward meeting Thursday, September 29th at 6 p.m. by our alderman, Bob Runnels. The meeting will be held at City Hall, 1850 Lewis Avenue, North Chicago.  
Meeting Update
On Wednesday, September14th, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hamptons Homeowners Association was held at the offices of Mariani Landscaping. Board members Dona Murphy, Karen Hunken, Paul Borchian Lin, Linda Beck and Alice Hutchinson; and Sarah McMaster of McMaster Drake property management were present.  Homeowners representing 15 units were in attendance.
Several landscaping contracts and the snow removal contract for 2016 and 2017 were approved. A sample of the new mailboxes including the mounting system were displayed and discussed. The mailboxes are white, powder-coated steel with steel latches and aluminum flags (red). The post sleeves and caps are high-density white resin and the sleeves fit over wood supports installed in concrete. The new design is simple, attractive, extremely durable and virtually no-maintenance.
Updates on current projects – asphalt and concrete repairs; and proposals for pond and irrigation repairs and improvements were also discussed.
We don’t yet have a photo of the sample mailboxes and mounts. An artist’s sketch of the front entry structures is now available on our site.  Just use the Front Entry Design link from the Menu in the Members’ section of our site, at left. There is also a survey available (below) to give us your opinion on the design.
The business meeting concluded and the floor was opened to homeowner Q & A.  
This meeting update is provided as a summary only. Meeting minutes to be submitted by Karen Hunken, Board Secretary.
Thank you to all the homeowners who attended. See "Upcoming Events" for information on the next Board meeting - we welcome and encourage homeowners to attend.

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Upcoming Events
Board of Directors Business Meeting
Wednesday, November 9th
Board of Directors Business Meeting
7:00 pm
Mariani Landscaping Offices

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Neighborhood Watch
August 11, 2016: Neighborhood Watch Alert
Neighboring towns recently report that individuals misrepresenting themselves as landscapers are soliciting homeowners and asking the homeowners to accompany them to the backyard.  Meanwhile, someone else enters to burglarize the home.
Hamptons landscapers are instructed to call their management, McMaster Drake or a Board member to answer questions.  Unless you have an appointment scheduled with the landscape firm through McMaster Drake, do not be taken in by this ruse. Variations on this scam include thieves pretending to be service providers from various industries - roofers, tree trimmers, even utility company workers. No service providers should be soliciting the business of individual homeowners in our community. 
Likewise, do not engage with anyone coming to your door without a previous appointment; or who is not wearing an appropriate uniform and displaying official credentials/appropriate photo identification. 
***Community Resources are now listed in the Community Info section of the website.

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