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The Hamptons Condominium Association The Hamptons Condominium Association
Come home to The Hamptons...

~ What's Hamptoning ~

Friends and Neighbors in the Hamptons:
We have a great community and one that is generally considered to be safe.  At the same time, we regret to share with you some news of vandalism that occurred on Thursday evening last week (4/17). 
Several cars that were parked outside (on the street or in a driveway) had their windows broken.  The homeowners called the police and it is believed that a pellet gun may have been used.  The cars were located on the east side of Pembroke Circle and a couple on the southernmost part of Welwyn. 
A police report was made but at this time, the vandals are not known.  If you have any information that may help identify the vandals, you should contact the North Chicago Police department at the non-emergency number.
It is wonderful that Spring is here and Summer is quick to follow.  Unfortunately, as the weather warms up instances of crime seem to rise as well.  Each of us can help keep our neighbors, ourselves and our property safe by following the tips listed below:
  • Park your vehicles in your garage and keep garage doors closed.
  • If you must park on the street, park your vehicle near street lights (within the approved parking areas - an updated, detailed Parking Map is available on our website).
  • If street lights are out, call McMaster Drake with the number painted on the street light so it can be repaired.  (An updated, detailed Streetlight Map is available on our website).
  • Make sure the coach lights on your garage are turned on at night (light sensing adaptors can be installed so your lights will turn on at dark and off in daylight).
  • Carry a flashlight (turned on) when you walk after dark. 
  • Be neighborly.  Keep watch in your part of the neighborhood.  If you see or hear something out of the ordinary, call the police.
We don’t expect this to be a common experience in the Hamptons community.  And each of us can do our part to help keep the neighborhood safe.  Thank you and enjoy the Spring!
 See "Upcoming Events" for information on the next Board meeting - we welcome and encourage homeowners to attend.

~ For Your Information ~

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~ Upcoming Events ~
Board of Directors Business Meeting
Wednesday, May 7th
7:00pm - Mariani Conference Room
Details and directions will be posted in What's Hamptoning prior to the meeting date.

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