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IMPORTANT UPDATE - 2018 Budget and Assessments
The 2018 Budget and assessments recently mailed to homeowners are incorrect. Another mailing is being sent immediately, but in the interim, you will find the correct information here. Please use this correct information when making your assessment payments for January 2018. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. 
Parking and Snow Removal

Winter is upon us, with all the bad weather that can come along with it. Please review the Rules and Regulations (available in both the Community Info and Resources-Links sections of this website) for all community parking rules. Please remember to follow these rules - and inform your visitors and guests to do so. There is no parking on any Hamptons street when it is snowing or snow is expected. 
In part, our rules and regulations are as follows:
No vehicle, whether parked in an Approved Location or not, except for emergency vehicles, may be parked on the streets when it is snowing or snow is expected.

The Association shall not be responsible for any damages to vehicles left on the streets resulting from snow/ice removal or salting. If additional snow removal is required after a vehicle is removed, the homeowner/vehicle owner shall be responsible for any and all associated costs.
Fines and Removal: Violations of this Rule shall result in a fine of $50.00 per violation for the first two violations and $100.00 per violation thereafter. Any vehicle parked in violation hereof except for emergency vehicles, may be towed without notice, and without liability to the Association for any resulting damage to the vehicle, at the vehicle owner or lessee’s sole risk and expense.
Holiday Decorations
It's great to see our community all dressed up for the holidays! As a reminder, holiday decorations may be displayed no earlier than one month prior to the date of the holiday, and are to be removed not later than one month after.


Important Information - Property Tax Levy

North Chicago Special Meeting


North Chicago is considering another increase to our property taxes. They have created various budget scenarios; one with no increase and others that include a property tax increase.  An alternative approach to balance the budget is with cost savings and budget cuts. 


All homeowners in North Chicago face the same issue the Hamptons homeowners do with the heavy property tax burden levied by the city. This is the time to communicate to Bob Runnels, our alderman, and fellow Hamptons’ homeowners, the other City Council members and the mayor, our concerns about the negative impact of the large North Chicago property tax levy. It is a burden to homeowners and a negative factor when selling our homes. Difficulty selling homes is not good for the Hamptons or the city.


If you were unable to attend the December 11 City Council meeting, please consider contacting our alderman, the alderman of other wards, and the mayor who will be deciding this issue to express your concerns about the property tax issue. A list of names and contact information for our alderman (the Hamptons is located in the city's 6th Ward), the alderman of the other city wards and the mayor is provided here


You will find sample wording you can use here (cut and paste into an email adding your name) or write your own, but timing is of the essence.

Postal Mailing Address:

City of North Chicago
1850 Lewis Avenue
North Chicago, Il 60064



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